Kristin Braddock, Sewing New Futures

Kristin spent many years working with Apne Aap Women Worldwide in their New Dehli, India office.  Apne Aap is an organization that provides a safe space and education for girls who are sold into prostitution by their families.  The biggest challenge, according to Kristin, is that the girls have no economic way out of this system that encourages their families to prostitute them to earn money.

Kristin was approached by a group of girls who were in a sewing class. She explains, “They wanted my help selling some of their kurtas (Indian shirts) locally. That is when I realized this could be their way out. We started having meetings with the girls about forming an income generation program. We now have 10 girls who are very motivated to start a movement within their community.”

Sewing New Futures aims to empower the women and girls by giving them the opportunity for a livelihood outside of prostitution. Through the program, women and girls who are victims of forced prostitution, or are at risk of it, are placed into groups of ten for a sewing class. Over the three months of paid vocational training, the women not only earn an income to deter the social practice of prostitution that they are trapped in, but gain confidence and self-awareness. When they finish the program the women then have a marketable skill, giving them an alternative to prostitution.  The pilot program has a solid evaluation plan and design that holds the students accountable for their training.

Pollination Project funds will be used for start up costs such as fabric and other supplies.