Kizito Reuben David - Give a kid a smile project

Kizito Reuben David; Enock Sekaayi; Ashraf Nsaale – Give a Kid a Smile

Date grant awarded: 11/02/2017

Give a Kid a Smile is a primary school project aimed at improving oral health care in public primary schools in Uganda. Every year, thousands of school going children suffer the effects and pain of poor oral health, which has forced some children to miss class due to pain and discomfort, leading to absenteeism and failure to concentrate in class, ultimately resulting to poor performance.The cost of oral health care to the parents is far beyond the reach of many parents who live on less than a dollar a day and who cannot pay school fees for their children.

This project provides school based oral health care services like oral health education, dental checkups and treatment to pupils aged 4-15 years of age. It focuses on behavioral change by emphasizing preventive measures to fight oral health. Give a Kid a Smile wants children to be in charge of their oral health.