Tukamushaba Christine - Kitumba Women Development Association

Kitumba Women Development Association – Kitumba Women Development Association

Date grant awarded: 10/27/2017

Kitumba Women Development Association (KWODA) is a group of 10 women who have the huge responsibility of providing for the needs of their families. However, Kabale, where they live, is a densely populated area, which means there is not enough land to cultivate food for their families to eat, let alone to produce enough to market and sell to cover their basic necessities.

Undeterred by these challenging circumstance, the women of KWODA have decided to adopt an innovative solution which sidesteps the lack of agricultural land available to them: they will begin an organic mushroom project. By farming mushrooms, a space saving crop that can be grown in small spaces, the women will produce high quality vitamin rich foods for their families, while also generating enough surplus to provide income that will allow them to purchase other essential day to day items.