A group of Kitumba Women

Christine Tukamushaba- Kitumba Woman Development Association

Up until our coming together as Kitumba Women Development Association, we had a problem of being unemployed. Rather than sit and do nothing, we came together to identify opportunities to become financially independent and eradicate poverty though mushroom farming. Prior to the grant from The Pollination Project, members had no working knowledge or skills about mushroom farming, however funds allowed for an engaging training to take place where hands on skills were acquired. As members of Kitumba Women Development Association, we managed take back our children to school who had dropped out of schools due to lack of funds but they are now schooling, which is very important.

This seed grant was much important to our work/project, before the grant, we had a grass thatched structure and small but after the seed grant we managed to construct a new structure thatched with with iron sheets and which is bigger compared to the old one we had, this has helped us to increase on the number of trainees because of big space. Due to the larger structure, we were able to cultivate more mushrooms, thus increasing yields and income.

With this round of funding we will be able to purchase items that will allow us to expand our work to include the processing of mushroom powder.

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