Kinnear Mlowoka

Kinnear Mlowoka, Sustainable Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement Project

Date grant awarded: 05/19/2017

Kinnear Mlowoka believes that if there is community action there will be global impact. Group Village Headman Mabwanya Richi will reduce the burden of water borne diseases by promoting safe and portable water through promotion of sustainable forest management which will create better livelihoods to poor households who are economically incapacitated and food unsecured. The project will strengthen the community structures in management of natural resources as a means to achieve social and economic development of Kafukule community. Our slogan in Kafukule is Community action, global impact.

The project will protect watershed catchment areas which can provide safe and portable water. The work of the project will help strengthen hope for the future among the people of Kafukule which will facilitate by providing high quality services to the community providing portable and safe water. Headman Mabwanya Richi is a witness working in remote areas shunned by other well national and international organizations which bears witness and passion in working with the vulnerable cadres of society in Malawi.The project will improve the sanitation and health lives of people of Kafukule.