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Kingsley Iweka, Africa-OnTheRise

In response to the large breadth of media that reports solely on the negative stories coming out of Africa, Kingsley Iweka founded Africa-OnTheRise, an online platform focusing on positive and progressive news in Africa. Based on a belief that positive conversations are essential for growth and development, Kingsley and his team hope to rejuvenate faith and inspire hope across the African continent.

Currently the website is an often-updated blog, and has a growing Facebook and Twitter presence. With a Pay It Forward Loan from The Pollination Project, and an effective content distribution and marketing strategy, Kingsley plans to reach 50,000 unique visitors every month and become a leader in delivering positive African-focused content.

“When citizens of different nations find one of their own uniting their voice with other progressive thinkers from other parts of the continent,” Kingsley says,  “I believe this will foster intra-continental relationships that will cut across different ethnic orientations and beliefs.”

The funds from The Pollination Project will help facilitate a stronger website and social media content generation. For more information on Africa-OnTheRise, please check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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