Karen Snook

Kindred Spirits Care Farm – From killing to caring – butchery room becomes animal clinic

Grantee Name: Kindred Spirits Care Farm
Project Name: From killing to caring – butchery room becomes animal clinic
Grant Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Funding Partner: AWFW

Project Description: Kindred Spirits Care Farm is an organization that aims to share the understanding that every sentient being is entitled to respect and empathy, and that violence against one is violence against all. This project connects abused, neglected and abandoned people with rescued farm animals in a sanctuary setting to let them heal each other. We teach participants to celebrate diversity in all things (plants, animals and people), and through working with plants and animals with a permaculture perspective, we help participants learn to heal the planet.

Through this project, we promote inclusion, connection and cooperation to help reverse the damage caused by the exclusion, isolation and competition that seems so prevalent in the dominant culture. Care farming is a well-known healing method in Western Europe and we are promoting sustainable care farming here in the United States. We are starting with at-risk youth in high schools and expect to include colleges and more in the future.