Kieshaun White and basketball player

Kieshaun Healthy Fresno AIr – Kieshaun White Healthy Air Experiment

Environmental racism, climate control, air pollution, social justice, economic justice, and youth voice and justice. This work is important to me because both my community and I suffer from poor air quality. The main sources of pollution are not from us and are the results of decisions made from leaders, however we as citizens have to take responsibility and fight for our health.

The initial grant gave me the ability to start the work as I didn’t have the means to purchase the materials needed for my experiment. The first grant allowed me to gather the materials to obtain very important data around air quality and prove that there was a huge disparity in my city. This larger follow up award will allow me to grow as an expert in this work and build leaders in the work to educate the community. I started this work a a kid with an idea and now I am a sought after speaker on this issue. This grant will allow me to build a vehicle that gets more people in the work and can go to further places to teach people what is really happening with air quality and what they can do about it.

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