Khatimah and HMPS MSP Universitas Samawa – Water and Garden for Children of Tapan Island, Indonesia

Date grant awarded: June 14, 2018

Water and Garden for children of Tapan Island Project is a project led by Khatimah, who is currently a student at the Aquatic Resources Management Department of Universitas Samawa, Sumbawa, Indonesia. Currently, the 70 households there must collect fresh water from a nearby island, around 30 minutes by boat. Implemented together with the student’s association, the project will address the issue of fresh water shortage by installing an exemplary rain water harvesting system and grow an organic garden in an elementary school in Tapan Island. The water collected will be used by the school children for their basic daily needs in the school during the dry season. During rainy season, they will promote organic gardening.

This project is needed because they do not have freshwater resources in the island. During the stormy season, oftentimes it is too dangerous to go to the sea. Khatimah was inspired to start this project after her visit to the island and after discussing these issues with the local community and a previous Pollination Project grantee. Upon checking the TPP website, Khatimah observed a similar problem being addressed by installing a rain water harvesting system. The TPP grant will allow the installation of the rainwater harvesting system and the organic garden. The project is expected to inspire the households to make one using local available resources.