Kepha Abongo

Kepha Abongo- Boya Women Support Group – Loom Machine for Stitching Orphans glitches in Muhuru Bay

In Muhuru-Bay, orphans have special physical and psychological needs which are not adequately met by a community already weakened by AIDS and burdened with oppression, poverty and disease. These orphans are left without food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education and parental support. Vulnerable and financially desperate orphaned children are more likely to be sexually abused and forced into exploitative situations such as prostitution.

This project will provide orphans’ caregivers with training on the use of the loom machine for the purpose of weaving carpets, blankets, shawls and sweaters. The carpets will be sold to community members and will generate income to help caregivers provide food, pay for health insurance (NHIF), pay for school fees, and other basic needs for the orphans.