Kenneth Ivory, Usuk Secondary School Reforestation Project

Students at the secondary school in Usuk, Uganda, can’t get much relief from the hot sun when they walk across campus or go outside to eat lunch and relax. Kenneth Ivory, a Peace Corps volunteer there, wants to change that and much more.

“Due to a recent expansion of school facilities on campus, provided by a grant from the African Development Bank, many trees on the grounds had to be cut down to make room for the construction,” Kenneth said. “While discussing this loss with my counterpart, he informed me of the general trend of deforestation he has seen in the region over the decades he has lived here. He told me that when he was a younger, the open plains behind the staff quarters had once been a heavy forest, but it had been cut down for use as fuel in creating bricks for a new church building and by normal use as building materials and fuel for the inefficient traditional cooking methods.”

Through his Usuk Secondary School Reforestation Project, Kenneth envisions planting much more than just a few shade trees on campus. He wants to plant the seed of environmental consciousness in the students. He’s planning an assembly on sustainability and a tree nursery, where wood could be harvested in a healthy way for the school’s use. He’s also looking to plant fruit trees, like mango and orange, to supplement the students’ meager diets. The students would plant all the trees themselves.

Funds from the Pollination Project will buy saplings, as well as pay for fencing materials, transportation and labor costs.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 14, 2014