Keneema Immaculate, Queen Elizabeth National Park Agroforestry Cooperative 2016-09-19T14:59:51+00:00

Keneema Immaculate, Queen Elizabeth National Park Agroforestry Cooperative

Keneema Immaculate, a student at Kampala International University, is the organizer of a collaborative environmental conservation and restoration effort with communities living outside of Uganda’s beautiful Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth is home to one of the most diverse and biologically rich ecological systems in all of Uganda, but in recent years park lands have faced ongoing encroachment from fires, poachers, and agriculturalists.

Keneema’s initiative involves uniting neighboring communities in agroforestry efforts that will ultimately help to conserve and rebuild the forest ecosystem. Local agriculturalists will be organized into community forest groups, each of which will be given education in agroforestry techniques and conservation. Community groups will be charged with replanting trees on previously deforested park lands, as well as helping local agriculturalists plant a variety of valuable fruit trees and native species that can be used for fuel.

Keneema’s afforestation program will ultimately allow farmers to take advantage of important natural resources without placing undue burden on Queen Elizabeth National Park’s vulnerable ecosystem.


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