Keith Tucker, Oakland Hip Hop Green Dinner

For Keith Tucker, his past experiences with substance abuse and subsequent twenty three years of sobriety inspired him to address community issues of poverty, obesity and chronic illness through teaching youth to eat and value healthy food.

The Oakland Hip Hop Green Dinner is a National Health Initiative set in urban communities and designed to introduce new people, especially youth, to delicious, healthy vegan food. By breaking bread and sharing information in a relaxed, fun, and inclusive environment, Hip Hop Green Dinners help youth make the connection between their diet, lifestyle and their health.

For most attendees, the green dinners are their first introduction to a vegetarian meal and are a perfect combination of information and entertainment. Top National speakers and performance artists in the health and food justice movement are invited to educate the participants.

The Green Dinners serve as a bridge between local stakeholders such as organic farmers, chefs, grocery stores, fitness professionals and urban youth who will benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

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