Keith McHenry- Food Not Bombs Free Skool

400_300_stringing_out_bedsKeith McHenry is a founder of Food Not Bombs, a decentralized organization that provides free vegan meals with the public in over1,000 cities mostly by recovering food that would be wasted.  Over time, Keith and his fellow volunteers saw the number of people needing food was growing and many groceries were starting to deny access to their discarded produce and bake goods.  In 2011 a small group of volunteers realized they could encourage people to grow their own food in cities all over the world if they taught Food Not Bombs volunteers about the art of gardening and community organizing.  They started the Food Not Bombs Free Skool in Taos, New Mexico to do just that.

Starting in Summer, 2013, Food Not Bombs volunteers from all over the world will travel to Taos, New Mexico and spend two to four weeks taking workshops on organic grading, the consensus process, community organizing vegan cooking and other skills that will help their local chapter be more effective.

Keith’s goal is to encourage as many Food Not Bombs volunteers as possible to start “Food Not Lawns” Community Gardens.

TPP Funds will be used to build a pump house, shower and tool shed and sinks on the Free Skool land.  We are grateful to our flow fund partner, World Peace Earth, for identifying and supporting this awesome project!