Keita Faulkner - Seeds of Youth project

Keita Faulkner, Joseph Downey, and Brian Wadlington – Rooted from the Soul Studios

Date grant awarded: April 20, 2018

The Rooted from the Soul “Seeds of Youth project,” was created by Keita Faulkner, with assistance from Joseph Downey, and artist/producer Brian Wadlington (StrangeCat RareBird).The ongoing project is dedicated to serving the underprivileged youth of Roxboro, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding communities. We present opportunities for mentorship, music business guidance, and all aspects of performing, singing, recording, and video production. This education is provided gratis by seasoned staff members and volunteers.

Our goal is to provide enough knowledge and skill sets so that each participant can flourish and possibly become artists, or apprentice engineers, producers, and videographers. With our help, some of our artists have already shown great promise and unselfish character by passing on the knowledge they have acquired to help out even younger artists than themselves. Our mission is to continue and expand year by year and to be a foundation of hope for others to follow.