Kehli Berry, 1-Shine Summer Leadership Camp

Due to a lack of access to quality, low costs, programs during the summer, “at risk” youth and adolescents in urban communities don’t often get the opportunity to participate in recreational and educational activities that promote positive, personal development. 

1-Shine Youth & Community Services (1-Shine), is a comprehensive, multi-service, community based organization located in Long Beach, California, servicing “at-risk” youth and adolescents from surrounding cities of Long Beach and Compton. Established by Kehli Berry, the organization serves as a safe haven of multicultural excellence, where youth participants are given an opportunity to enhance academic skills and cultivate new talents.

Kehli is currently running 1-Shine Summer Leadership Camp to encourage personal growth and to help guide, challenge, and motivate students to become future leaders. She is committed to uplifting neighborhoods and communities through quality academic programming, service projects, and hands on student activities.

“The No Child Left Behind Initiative as well as the use of California State Standards are what serve as the foundation for all of 1-Shine’s academic curriculum,” states Kehli.

Currently, 1-Shine Summer Leadership Camp serves 100 youth and adolescents. Students are engaged in activities to increase their Math, English, Language Arts, History, and Science skills, and are involved with Sports & Recreation, Performing Arts, Arts & Crafts, and Earth Science. Kehli believes it takes a village, and the Camp has been successful with assistance from various educators, community organizations, higher learning institutions, community leaders, and volunteers.

For more information  about 1-Shine Youth & Community Services, visit their Website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 7, 2015