Kausalya Raman - English Kadhavu

Kausalya Raman – English Kadhavu, Bridging the Language Divide in India

Date grant awarded: 11/14/2017

English Kadhavu is an organization created by University of California Davis student Kausalya Raman that aims to bridge the language divide that exists in Tamilnadu, India.

Kausalya, along with the organization’s Director of Development, Shreya Sodhi, accomplish this by designing, developing, and distributing supplemental English learning material to underprivileged students. These students struggle to learn English due to a of lack of resources and teachers who are proficient themselves, which limits their options for higher education and careers.

The organization provides book-boxes that contain books and activities to help young students build a foundation in English and are easy for teachers to use in the context of the students’ lives.