Kate Stone – Science Connected Magazine

I graduated from a low income high school in California’s Central Valley with severely limited resources. In college and graduate school, I had access to a wealth of research, data, information, and peer-reviewed journals. Afterward, those resources were completely inaccessible to me as they are to most of the US population.

This lack of access is a problem because scientific literacy for all is vital in society, but underprivileged learners and low income adults are often excluded. Scientific journals are expensive and difficult to read. Science news in mainstream media is often reduced to misleading sound bites. Textbooks are increasingly expensive and often years out of date or missing.

That is why Science Connected is equipping the public with reliable information about the world we share and providing equal access to top quality STEM education resources to low-income schools. We are leveling the playing field for all learners, regardless of their economic resources; giving low-income students equal access to top-quality resources, enabling them to better compete and contribute.

With schools closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing a huge increase in demand for our services. Therefore, we are expanding our partnerships with teachers and schools to ensure they meet the needs of parents who are homeschooling their children during this difficult time, as well as teachers who are supporting distance learning efforts in our communities. Since K-12 schools closed we have been receiving 50+ requests for free science education resources, and we are determined to not turn away anyone who needs our help.