Kate Franzman, Bee Public

Kate Franzman, Bee PublicKate Franzman has a background in journalism and advertising, but left the corporate world to support urban farming.  Her project, Bee Public, places and maintains beehives in downtown Indianapolis organic farms.  The hives and the maintenance are provided for free to the farms.  Kate’s goal is to create a thriving bee population and build the symbiotic relationship between pollinators and organic farms.  Kate has already put hives at four urban farms and built relationships with many local farmers.

“Most farmers don’t have the time or resources to learn to keep bees, but pollinators are so essential to farmers– so many crops depend on pollination.” Kate explains, “One in every three bites of food we eat was made possible by a bee!”

The hives are all first-year hives, and therefore all of the honey in the hives will be kept for the bees to eat to survive the winter.  Kate is very consciously banning harvesting honey or wax for any commercial use, and all of her beekeeping practices are natural without use of chemicals, antibiotics or unnatural processes that many commercial beekeepers use.

Kate’s interest is also in spreading her love of beekeeping.  She has built a social media audience and writes a blog about humane, natural beekeeping.  She will begin holding workshops and talks to educate others about bees.

Pollination Project funds will be used to create new hives to place at more urban farms in Indianapolis, as well as outreach and educational materials.