Karen Reid - Young Philosophers Society

Karen Reid, Young Philosophers Society – Music Enrichment Project – PA for Kids!

Date grant awarded: 6/28/2017

Young Philosophers Society (YPS) is a non-profit organization that offers art, music, academia and a variety of enrichment classes and activities for children and their families. The classes are designed so that all children are able to afford and access them. Inclusion is important at YPS; the Society believes all children should be able to participate in classes.

Grant funds will allow YPS to purchase a PA system to expand and enrich music lessons and other classes. This will allow for more activities within the organization such as children’s open mic nights and songwriting classes for children and their families.

Chris and Karen Reid began Young Philosophers Society in June 2016 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They are excited to share its ever expanding vision with the community and welcome anyone interested in providing classes at the location to contact them in their efforts to bring different and varied classes to children and their families in this area.