Kanita Brown and Kanita Brown - Be An Entrepreneur... NOW

Kanita Brown and Kara Nelson – Be An Entrepreneur… NOW

Date grant awarded: 07/21/2017

Maximum Exposure Learning Services, Inc. consists of educators with first-hand experience in under-served communities. They have witnessed the lack of programs and resources to support enriching life experiences. Many school curriculum are focused on standardized tests, which prohibit the students from being able to plan, set goals, and think about life after school. In this global and evolving economy, it is critical that children develop skills to create and execute their own ideas by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.

In “Be An Entrepreneur… NOW!”, students in Houston, Texas will learn about the Free Enterprise System. They will work in groups to create a business, formulate a budget, develop a product, and execute advertising. The program will culminate with a Marketplace Day where students can showcase their businesses as well as sell their products to fellow participants, community members, and parents. Finally, participants will learn the importance of impacting their community by donating a portion of their profits to the charity of the group’s choice.