Kalpalata Dutta, Creating E-Learning Resources on Human Rights2017-05-22T20:49:35+00:00
Kalpalata Dutta

Kalpalata Dutta, Creating E-Learning Resources on Human Rights

Date grant awarded: 05/25/2017

‘Creating E-Learning Resources on Human Rights’ is a joint initiative between the Asian Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) and Betelvine Learning. The project aims to create e-learning resources on human rights knowledge and skills that can enable a person to apply human rights to their own lives as well as to happenings in the world around them. The content of such resources will include knowledge inputs, case studies, and practice exercises with suggested answers, questions for reflection, quiz, key takeaways, e-books and supplementary materials.

The goal is to facilitate the mainstreaming of human rights and helping in creating a culture of human rights. AIHR is a regional organization based in Bangkok focusing on human rights education and Betelvine Learning is a new forum with expertise on e-learning.


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