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Kalindi Sadat, Nature for Life Conservation Initiatives

Kalindi Sadat, along with Daniel Twite, founded the Nature for Life Conservation Initiatives (NALCOI) to begin work on the restoration of degraded forests in the Kamuli District of Uganda. This project engages local communities in massive tree planting both on district forest reserves and private plantations. These once-forested areas are disappearing at an alarming rate. Their goal is to eliminate deforestation and restore these areas.

Not only an environmentalist by profession, Kalindi is also personally passionate about the environmental conservation and ensuring sustainable living. Having been the Executive Director of NALCOI for the past three years, Kalindi he designed and successfully implemented a number of projects that have helped rehabilitate spring water sources, provide climate change education and assist in disaster risk reduction in local schools.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to purchase tree seeds, help plant transport them, and education. For more information on this project, follow NALCOI on Twitter.


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