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Justina stands in the garden digging

Justina Ochanda, Vocational Skills Training for Girls

Justina Ochanda is one of the many girls who drop out of primary school due to lack of obtaining required fees. This did not stop her from pursuing her goals but rather gave her the spark to ignite a movement to reach out to others. After vocational training, where she gained hands-on skills in embroidery and garment making, she recognized that it is not only through formal education where one can make and earn a living but also through informal education and skills training.

Justina’s project, Vocational Skills Training for Girls, will teach vocational skills to 100 girls aged between fourteen and twenty five years in Butula Sub-County in Kenya who are no longer enrolled in the formal school system. The girls will acquire skills in sewing, embroidery and hairdressing along with tangible methods to improve their agriculture production with the intent to empower them to be self-employed. Through this, they will learn about of one of the essential life skills of saving money and financial support. Furthermore, HIV/AIDS education will be provided, allowing the female participants to discover how they can help to stop the spread. The project will provide these vulnerable young women with crucial skills and opportunities to help them have control over their lives.

The $1,000 seed grant from The Pollination Project will help Justina and her participants reach their goal through the purchase of sewing machines, yarn, sewing accessories, hair equipment, first aid kits and professional trainers.

“I need to restore hope and brighten the faces of the young girls who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.”


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