Justin Van Kleek, Triangle Chance For All

Justin and Rosemary Van Kleeck are passionate vegans who have worked for years promoting veganism and advocating animal rights as well as being involved in animal rescue. Their organization, Triangle Chance for All rescues farmed animals who end up in county shelters in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Their mission is to assure the animals never return to the profit based agricultural system.

Triangle Chance for All places animals in homes where they will be loved as companions as opposed to being treated like property. They also work to end the exploitation of non-human animals by promoting a vegan lifestyle, and are a 100% vegan-run, volunteer organization that collaborates with other vegan and animal-rescue organizations.  Thus far, they have already rescued or been involved with the rescue of five animals.

“We are a brand new organization that has carefully selected board members that will insure our organization remains 100% vegan in mission, message, and direction. We are against any use of animals and are working hard to both educate the public about ending exploitation, and protecting animals we rescue from future use of any kind.” Justin Van Kleeck.