Justin Van Kleeck, Triangle Chance For All

As passionate vegans, Justin and Rosemary Van Kleeck couldn’t stand by while the farmed animals abandoned at county animal shelters were returned to the agricultural system to suffer.

Based in the Triangle region of North Carolina, they founded Triangle Chance for All, a totally vegan-run non-profit which works to provide or secure permanent sanctuary to rescued farmed animals. They have a three-acre “microsanctuary” outside of Chapel Hill, and they also rescue and place animals at other sanctuaries or in homes to insure they will never be used as commodities again.

“Most of society distinguishes ‘companion’ animals like cats and dogs from ‘food’ animals like cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats. It is perfectly acceptable in that system to ‘love’ one group like family while eating the other and making them endure the most tortuous of conditions,” Justin said.

Triangle Chance for All has already rescued, or helped in the rescue, of a ram who had run loose in Durham, N.C. for months, a goat found with her mouth duct-taped closed, and a blind baby goat named Nestor. Their microsanctuary currently has six residents: two adult hens, two roosters, and two young chickens, all of whom were rescued from county shelters. Beyond rescuing animals, the group also seeks to educate the community about veganism and the exploitation of animals.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to create a short film about the individuals whom Triangle Chance for All rescues, the organization’s outreach and education efforts, and what motivates everyone involved to make a better world for animals.

For more information on Triangle Chance for All, visit their website http://trianglechanceforall.org and their  Facebook page.