Justin and Rosemary Van Kleeck, The Microsanctuary Movement

Think you need many acres of land in the countryside to start your own animal sanctuary? Think again, say Justin and Rosemary Van Kleeck.

The Van Kleecks are the organizers of a new animal rescue model — the Microsanctuary Movement — where just the space you have, plus a big heart, can save farmed animals from a lifetime of suffering.

Justin and Rosemary were awarded a Pollination Project grant back in April for their North Carolina rescue organization Triangle Chance For All.

Our flow fund partner, The Thinking Vegan, identified Justin and Rosemary’s innovative approach to animal sanctuaries worldwide, and provided a second grant to the couple to expand their work.

“Why did we pick this?” asks the Thinking Vegan, “Because in every rural, urban, and suburban shelter in North America, you’ll find abandoned and escaped farmed animals. Here in Los Angeles, we have personally met hens, roosters, ducks, turkeys, pigs, goats, and more who have been turned in to local animal control. Unless sprung by a vegan, most will be ‘adopted’ for a per-pound cost that’s less than the local market and killed for food in someone’s backyard. Micro-sanctuaries – and thinking differently about how humans can rescue and provide care to farmed animals on a smaller scale and within a smaller real estate footprint – has real potential to change this cycle.”

Justin and Rosemary plan to create an online sharing space for those who want to join the Microsanctuary Movement and provide loving homes to rescued animals.

Read more about the Microsanctuary Movement at the Thinking Vegan’s informative and popular blog site.