Juma Mwinyi

Juma Chuta Mwinyi and Albert Juma – Organize Litter Bins to Reduce Litter Everywhere

Date grant awarded: 03/14/2018

The “Organize Litter Bins to Reduce Litter Everywhere Project” aims to reduce litter everywhere by empowering the community to manage litter at their homes and market places. Through this project, communities will learn about the negative effects in an effort to reduce the rate of litter everywhere and managing litter at SokoMjinga market, in Mombasa County. This project strives to make the environment priority and manage litter while transforming community members, vendors and businesses to respect Mother Earth. The project is directly going to serve the community in Mtongwe who use the market, beach, DO`s and chiefs place. The project’s goal is to encourage people to throw litter in the litter bins and avoid litter everywhere.