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Julie Wyatt, Beau’s Wish Dog Rescue

Located in Nashville, TN, Beau’s Wish Dog Rescue is a volunteer based, non-profit organization that is specifically designed for rescue dogs suffering with anxiety, fears, phobias and PTSD as a result of abuse and/or neglect.  Many rescue groups won’t take dogs with severe issues because their foster volunteers aren’t equipped to handle them. Some rescue groups have experienced trainers available for consults or training sessions, but is typically conducted in a training environment and on a limited basis.

Beau’s Wish Dog Rescue accepts transfers from other rescues and pulls dogs out of shelters and who are deemed “unadoptable” due to their issues. A team of volunteers rehabilitates the dogs in a home environment where they are taught to interact with people and other pets in the home. They also receive house training where they learn basic obedience commands through positive reinforcement. Over time, the dogs learn how to overcome their anxiety issues until they are stable and ready to be adopted into loving forever homes. The adoption process will consist of carefully screened applications, vet checks and home visits. The adopting families will go through a training session with the dog’s handler before becoming officially “approved.” Thus far, Beau’s Wish Dog Rescue has had a 100% success rate in rehabilitating and placing dogs in permanent homes.

For more information about Beau’s Wish Dog Rescue visit their website and Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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