Julie Struck, ArtSpeak

Julie Struck is a former college art professor driven to help the homeless and victims of domestic violence in her Evansville, Indiana community through her program ArtSpeak. ArtSpeak empowers its participants to find help and healing through visual art and creative writing activities. With Julie’s belief that “art gives people a sense of ownership, control, identity, accomplishment, community and social engagement,” she has partnered with United Caring Services Day Shelter to help provide this important outlet.

Julie is currently developing a six-week skill building arts education and healing program for men in transitional housing and women who utilize the night shelter.

In addition to the skill building program, Julie is facilitating an exhibition of accomplished artworks by the local homeless community. By bringing this exhibition to the public, she will be bridging this challenging societal gap through art and storytelling.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to provide supplies for the public exhibition and help support the infrastructure of the skill building program. For more information on ArtSpeak, check out Julie’s website.