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Designing the wood oven

Julian Calleros Palacios, Traditional Mexican Wood Oven for Ceramics

Situated in the center of Jalisco State, Mexico, is Tonalá, a city well-known for its pottery. Inside Tonalá, lies Anima Casa Rural, a family run project that aims to promote culture and arts through sustainable and ecological practices. Recognizing the positive effects that art has, Julian Calleros Palacios decided to apply for a Pollination Project grant for his project, Traditional Mexican Wood Oven for Ceramics. Julian is both a visual artist and the head of development for Anima Casa Rural.

The construction of a traditional wood oven will allow people to find joy in old traditions and seek out activities that promote a creative state of mind. The town lacks public places that promote culture, arts or activities related to creative and critical thinking. Bringing an oven to the community will foster an inclusive environment where individuals can make crafts, meet domestic and international artists and expand their horizon that root them to their Mexican culture. Fernando Jimon Melchor, a local craft maker and award winner of the Premio Nacional de la Cerámica 2015, is supervising construction.

Julian states, “I believe that compassion to myself, others and the social political state of Mexico are what have promoted my return back home to work along family and friends. As a family we aim not only to heal our environment but also to provide a space where we can share what we are learning through this process we call life.”

To find out more about this organization and project please visit their website and Facebook.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 29, 2015

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