Julia Orr, Unsung Vegan Hero, 2016

Date grant awarded: October 1, 2016

Tribute by Moses Seenarine, Meat Climate Change

I heard about Julia’s work for animals some time before first meeting her at a direct action event. As I got to know her better, I came to love her organizing style. Julia takes her activism seriously and she always invites the media to animal advocacy events. This means that a small demonstration can reach a much wider audience with local media coverage. I also admire Julia for her strong intersectional perspective. She works with several disadvantaged groups, including females, Native Americans, and the homeless.

Julia works in three key areas of animal advocacy: animals used for medical research, the history of animal-based advocacy, and ecofeminism. She curated an excellent exhibit on female anti-vivisection advocates in the early 20th century that showed how these women were also leaders in organizing for a women’s right to vote.

Julia is an Unsung Vegan “Shero” because she works tirelessly for animals with strong passion and courage, but her efforts are rarely acknowledged. This award is a small token of appreciation for a woman who has suffered a lot on behalf of nonhuman and human animals.