Julia Metzger-Traber and Davide De Lillis, Moving Beyond Orange

ulia Metzger-Traber and her artistic partner Davide De Lillis will be hosting a three-week intensive dance creation workshop to facilitate the youth residents of the Hanoi Vietnam Village of Friendship, a temporary home for veterans and their families all of whom are disabled or made severely ill by Agent Orange. Julia became interested in this community after translating the subtitles of the film, “Lighter Than Orange”, a documentary featuring this special village that aims to bring awareness to the effects of effects of Agent Orange.

With their promotion of human beings’ inextricable relationship to the natural world, Julia and Davide, focus on the process of learning to listen to, move in and facilitate the love for these residents unique bodies, regardless of normative shape or abilities. This process “will undoubtedly be spiritually fulfilling for the participants, as well as for the artists” says Julia, “The honest communication to the viewers, through their bodies, in the performances and video will be an eye-opening gift to the public.”

With the village excited and ready to participate, and production partnerships lined up with The University of Fine Arts, Hanoi, and the  Berlin Technical College of Design, The Pollination Project is thrilled to help support this teams travel costs to get to the village.

For information on Julia, Davide and their project, check out their website and their Facebook page.