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Juleen Wong, Tufts Veg Society

Date grant awarded: 4/1/2017

Tufts Veg Society is a diverse community of undergraduate students committed to making a sustainable, nourishing, and compassionate lifestyle irresistible for herbivores and omnivores alike. Through on-campus events, partnerships with other clubs, and a collaboration with Tufts Dining Services, we strive to be a space for education, dialogue, and delicious vegan nourishment.

With the support of our peers and administrators, we are able to cultivate a more veg-forward culture at Tufts University. At an institution with 10,000+ students, we must align our consumption practices with our university’s mission to foster active citizenship and compassion for the greater community we are situated in. Food is an entry point to human and animal rights issues, giving us the ability to generate a campus-wide shift in the paradigms that perpetuate abuse in livestock industries.

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