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Judith Akoth, the Digi-Venture Opportunity

Judith Akoth is a successful Kenyan business woman who has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Like many Kenyan youth, Judith was born to an extremely poor family in Kakamega County, Kenya. She was lucky to eat on a daily basis, let alone have enough money to buy school uniforms or pay for school fees. In spite of these challenges, she eventually attended the local university and began a successful horticultural seedling business.

Judith wants to make a difference in the lives of other Kenyan youth who face daily struggles with poverty as she once did. Through the Digi-Venture Opportunity project, she is offering education and training in agricultural businesses for impoverished youth in Busia County, Kenya.

Throughout 2015, her goal is to train over 100 youth from the community in organic composting and pesticide preparation techniques, basic business planning and management, marketing, as well as guide them in establishing their own businesses.

Judith explains, “The primary focus of the Digi-Venture program is to help Kenyan youth learn the tools and skills to brightening their future by building successful, sustainable livelihoods and business from  scratch.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 8, 2015

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