Jude Thaddeus Njikem, Addressing Sexual Abuse in Schools through Human Rights Training

Jude Thaddeus Njikem knows that children are the future. His non-profit, the Organization of African Youth – Cameroon, and their project in southwestern Cameroon works to promote education on human rights so children there don’t grow up as future abusers or future victims.

“The project is a human rights training, aimed at strengthening the understanding of rights by adolescent girls and boys, teachers and school personnel, as well as parents and community leaders,” he said. “This is an urgent response to the high incidences of sexual violence and human rights abuses of vulnerable people at schools, at homes and in the communities of the South West Region of Cameroon.”

The program holds interactive workshops at schools across the region and hopes to spread its message to the country’s government, which would implement it in other areas of the country.

For more information on Jude Thaddeus Njikem and the Organization of African Youth – Cameroon, visit their Facebook page, Twitter and website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 15, 2014