Juan Freitez-Mora, Community Grassroots Media

As an independent filmmaker, Juan Freitez-Mora has always been drawn to documentary films due to their power to transform viewers’ perspectives on issues by providing a unique window into unseen worlds.Together with several other independent filmmakers, Juan has turned his passion for documentaries into the Community Grassroots Media (CGM) project.

CGM will create documentaries and advocacy videos about the non-profit, humanitarian work currently being done in the Phoenix-metro area. The organization has already successfully produced a fund raising video for the Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH), as well as an educational awareness video on the Maricopa Alliance for Shelter and Housing.

Over the next year, CGM will make a documentary highlighting the work of PACH at their free public health clinic. They have also scheduled several other projects with local non-profits focusing on immigration issues and human rights. Following the production phase, Juan and his colleagues plan to distribute the videos over a wide variety of social and multimedia platforms to inform Phoenix residents about pressing social issues and drum-up support for local non-profits.

For more information, please follow Juan on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 21, 2015