Josue Rendon

Josue Rendon and America Sanchez – Transformed People, Transformed Neighborhoods

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

We are co-leaders at UrbanLife Southeast High School. We are planning monthly events for youth in the neighborhood- a low-income, urban area.  We are planning a series of monthly youth-led gatherings that foster racial reconciliation, a deeper understanding of systemic injustice, and a safe space to discuss ways to resist and grow as young neighborhood leaders. We have chosen themes for the next few months to promote awareness such as : #Blacklivesmatter and #schoolsnotprisons, “Inequality and poverty in the ‘hood’”, “Healthy relationships”, and “A Day without an Immigrant #NoWall”.

We will purchase a projector screen to show films, buy basketballs, a banner for promoting the events, and use the extra money for field trips. In Southeast San Diego in particular, there tends to be a divide between Latinx and African American adults, but us youth will continue to break these barriers and come together strong.