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Joshua Berry, 2 Pairs Each

At only nine years old, Joshua Berry is already helping change the world. Located in Victoria, Australia, he created his organization 2 Pairs Each along with the help of his parents and older sister.

After traveling around his community and speaking with various members of the homeless community, Joshua learned that socks are the hardest thing for them to receive. When people donate their old clothes they hardly ever donate socks. As a result, many homeless people either have one pair or they have to go without. Living on the streets, basic needs aren’t often addressed, and the homeless are known to have a lot of medical issues with their feet. Many of them limp because they have infected, sore, feet and those who have one pair of socks also face hardships because their feet get cold and face the elements while trying to clean them.

2 Pairs each will give two pairs of socks to homeless people in the community, and Joshua will also serve hot meals while getting to know the people a little better. He also wants to educate others on the facts and issues surrounding this epidemic, and show the world that they are human too.

“I want to help educate people and children about homelessness so that when they see a homeless person, they will say hello to them and not ignore them,” Joshua Berry.

To learn more about 2 Pairs Each, visit them on Facebook.

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