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Joseph Serugo, Chimpanzee Conservation in Uganda

Joseph Serugo is a farmer, conservationist and human rights activist based in Uganda. As a retired Ugandan wildlife officer, Joseph has a lifetime of experience in the management of Eastern Africa’s conservation areas. Now he’s using his training to advocate for wildlife conservation in a program that will stop the killing and harassment of wild chimpanzees.

Through his project Joseph and a dedicated team of volunteers will work to minimize the conflict between local village agriculturalists and chimpanzees in the Kibaale District, an area of Uganda devoid of government sanctioned conservation efforts. Over the past few years as human developments in the area have expanded, tensions between local farmers and wildlife have increased as growing pressures on natural resources have forced chimpanzees to raid local farms for crops.

Joseph’s efforts will minimize these tensions by creating awareness and understanding of the interconnection between chimpanzee conservation and natural resources management. His team has already surveyed chimpanzee populations in the area, and throughout the remainder of 2015 they plan to address conflicts between farmers and chimps by providing agriculturalists with cultivation techniques and development tactics for preventing future conflict. Additionally, Joseph and other volunteers plan to conduct conservation education and outreach at local schools and community gatherings in order to reach even more people with their message.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 26, 2015

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