Joseph Okello Makokha - Sikinga Indigenous seed bank project

Joseph Okello Makokha – Sikinga Indigenous Seed Bank Project.

Date grant awarded: 01/14/2018

Sikinga Indigenous seed bank project is a response to the ongoing loss of indigenous seeds in rural communities in Kenya. The project builds on sustainable, economic and agro ecological approaches to address the current situation of acute hunger, malnutrition and poverty caused by the effect of mono-cropping and climate change in Kenya. Current farming practices, including repeated mono-cropping, excessive use of conventional fertilizers and planting ‘improved’ varieties of corn while neglecting native seeds, tuber and edible/medicinal plants, have brought the region to an agricultural crisis point, with symptoms ranging from the disappearance of native seeds, increased levels of malnutrition, crop failure, disease and pests’ invasion, and increased poverty.

While we cannot stop the crisis of unpredictable weather conditions that are happening in our environment, there is a pressing need to adapt to the changing situations in our ecosystem, farms and livelihood and inspire others to do the same. . We shall create an awareness campaign, teach agricultural adaptable methods and develop a seed bulking and storage center for storing and distributing these seeds to farmers who have acutely been stricken by poverty. Trainings on climate resilient and sustainable agricultural methods will take place in a 1-acre demonstration plot.