Joseph Makokha and Fred Changulo, CoDA Internationalle

Joseph Makokha and Fred Changulo are the founders of CoDA Internationalle, a community-based development organization that aims to address high rates of school attrition in Kenya through youth-centered leadership development programs.

At present, Kenya’s school dropout rates have reached dangerous levels, leading to high rates of youth unemployment, crime, and drug abuse. In response to the public out cry from teachers, parents, and the Ministry of Education, Joseph and Fred have decided to take action by empowering “at-risk” youth to overcome their everyday challenges, supporting their academic success, and shaping them into the country’s future leaders.

With the support of Kenya’s Ministry of Education, Joseph and Fred are currently involved in training a team of volunteers and educators to establish community outreach initiatives, mentorship programs, and debate clubs at schools throughout Webuye, Kenya. The training CoDA provides to community members will help them empower youth by providing them with access to high quality education and community service programs designed to develop life skills and leadership abilities.

For more information, please visit CoDA Internationalle’s Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 16, 2015