Joseph Gogo

Joseph Gogo – Radienya Community Water Project

Date grant awarded: 11/19/2017

The Joseph Gogo Radienya Community Water Project will provide clean drinking water for human consumption and drip irrigation for the school and community of Radienya in the drought prone area of Nyatike Sub District, Western Kenya. The project will reduce water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid, which are the most reported in the nearby hospitals and account for nearly 70% of disease outbreak in the area. These diseases will become a thing of the past as the project will be sourcing water from underground, ending school and community reliance on seasonal streams as a water source.

The project will also be addressing poor nutrition in schools, which leads to poor academic performance, especially for female children. This will mitigate early pregnancies and school drop outs among girls who are unable to pay for lunches in school and may have men sponsoring this cost in exchange for sexual favors.