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Joseph Gichoni, Kenya Container 324 Kenya 499

Vocational training has proven successful in instilling tactile skills and an entrepreneurial spirit among the rural young men and women in Kiangungi, Embu County, Kenya. Joseph Gichoni and Megabridge Foundation have been on the forefront of this and have utilized The Pollination Project for their Kenya Container 324 Kenya 499 project.

The objective of Megabridge Foundation is to improve the livelihood opportunities for youth through the provision of skills and support for self-autonomy. This particular project aims at promoting self-employment opportunities among the unemployed youth, assisting villagers to improve their skills for continued employment openings, increasing accessibility of information through the Internet and generating income for orphans and vulnerable children.

Kenya Container 324 Kenya 499 aims in bringing quality training equipment provided by Tools with a Mission UK to this community that will allow Megabridge Foundation the assistance to continue their vocational training. The training will reach out to 350 young men and women, offering them the opportunity to participate in training sessions that will link them to the knowledge, skills and resources to be independent in society. Upon completion, these individuals will have established a sustainable livelihood while participating in capacity building. Joseph and the Megabridge Foundation hope that this will ultimately help in curbing cases of robbery, alcoholism and drug use.

For more information about Megabridge Foundation please visit their website and Facebook.

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