Joseph Foster, Empower Costa Rica

Joseph Foster is an emerging filmmaker with a passion for sharing the hidden stories of community collaboration and environmental protection in Costa Rica. With his project, Empower Costa Rica, Joseph is creating a series of short films supporting five nonprofit conservation and community empowerment organizations in Costa Rica. These films will be used as part of a promotional and fundraising campaign that brings attention to their groundbreaking work.

To many, Costa Rica is a vacation destination.  But for those who live in CR, it is an important ecological resource which faces an environmental crisis. Rapid development is threatening Costa Rica’s rainforests and other natural ecosystems, encroaching on the rights of indigenous communities. At the same time, economic development often fails to benefit local populations, leaving Costa Rica’s next generation impoverished, undereducated and disenfranchised. Once these films are complete, Joseph will be distributing them to both United States and Costa Rican audiences, as well as targeting students before they embark on educational experiences in the country.

The funds from The Pollination Project will go towards film festival fees, website construction, and promotional materials for film distribution. For more information on Empower Costa Rica and a dose of Pura Vida! check out Joseph’s website and follow him on Facebook.