Joseph Asare, Don Didier, Alodie Didier – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Alleviation

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Alleviation project is a five month intensive training on ACEs for educators at Ahinase Roman Catholic Primary School in the eastern Ghana. This project is being led by Mr. Joseph Asare – the founder and programs direct of Asaasiam Vision International (AVI), and Mr. Donald Didier and Mrs. Alodie Didier – the training facilitators. The project will collaborate with two education and counseling experts in Portland, Oregon, USA to provide free training on the causes and effects of ACEs among students and as well train teachers on how to identify and provide therapy to affected students. Furthermore, those with high ACEs will have the opportunity to seek free counseling from the American counseling experts.

A study conducted in USA by Christopher Blodgett in 2012 at Washington State University showed that ACEs negatively impacts brain development and academic performance. This work is needed because of the high ACEs among the students in the Ahinase community. A lack of knowledge coupled with no intervention program means that children and educators alike are unaware as to how best support one another.

Joseph Asare was born in Ahinase and lost both parents at a young age. He was subjected to all forms of abuse as a poor orphan in a village school by my teachers and schoolmates. He is aware that the degrees of abuse still exist in most school settings, hence his motivation to provide therapy to students.