Jose Luis Lopez Carlos

Jose Luis Lopez Carlos, Nixtiquil Community Reforestation and Forest-Fires Project

In Jalisco, Mexico, two seemingly similar forests lie close to each other. However, while one, the Primavera Forest, is officially recognized by the government and protected, the other, Nixticuil, receives no such protection.

Because Nixticuil is not protected by the state, it is vulnerable to deforestation, is under constant threat of development, and there are no state resources allocated to fighting the ever more frequent fires that result from increased temperatures and a long drought which has impacted the region.

In the absence of government resources, the community has stepped up to protect their forest themselves. Forming the Save the Forest Committee, they work steadily to fight fires, carry out reforestation by growing trees in a nursery and caring for them once planted in the forest, and to educate young people about the importance of the forest.

However, these young community activists have few tools and resources. They fight large forest fires with buckets and mops made of old jeans. They have little protective clothing, and risk their own health to save the forest. This grant will provide them with a water tank, pump, and other tools to aid in fighting fires and the cultivation of trees in the nursery.

Funding for this project was made possible because Youth Environmental Hub team member, Selene Gonzalez Carillo is on the lookout for young people working to protect the environment. By reaching out to local universities with sustainability programs, she was able to connect to the young members of Comite Salvabosque (the Save the Forest Committee), and chose them as the recipients of a Pollination Project flow fund grant.