Jorge Aguilar

Jorge Aguilar, No Strings Attached: Planting the Seeds for Next Generation Musicians

Date grant awarded: 05/24/2017

Stringed Fusion is a collaborative music group composed of two City Heights-based artists: Jorge Aguilar and Jesus Jimenez. As self-taught musicians, we have realized over the years that there is plenty of talent in today’s youth. As a consequence of unfunded music programs, young musicians drop their practice and are left with no resources to develop a serious potential.

“No Strings Attached: Planting the Seeds for Next Generation Musicians” is a project that will serve as a solution to this problem. Our main goal is to reach out to schools and community centers that lack funding for music programs. Offer a concert and a lecture on self-taught discipline and self- teaching methods. The lecture will be held as a circle, we will share our biographies and invite the participants to share their own. Under our brief but effective guidance, we strive to create a lasting impact on every single student. We hope this intervention will be the basis of their inspiration and future goals as musicians. We believe that inspiration and simple methods can plant the seed for the future generation of musicians.

With this grant, we will not only be empowered by the recognition but use the resources to reach as many low-income districts as we can.