John Carmody, Let's Get Ireland Going Veggie!

John Carmody, Animal Rights Action Network- Let’s Get Ireland Going Veggie!

Irish animal rights organization ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) has been fighting for animal rights across the Emerald Isle for almost 20 years. Now the group is looking to start a new campaign — getting the country to go embrace a plant-based diet.

“We have massive experience at running the most effective campaigns and engaging people in those efforts. We are so passionate about this project because Ireland is an extremely agriculture based country, so our work to get people to go veggie is needed more than ever before,” says project leader, John Carmody.

The group wants to put together a vegetarian and vegan starter kit to distribute across Ireland, complete with an educational booklet featuring photos of rescued animals.

Funds from the Pollination Project will go toward startup costs.

For more on ARAN, visit their website, Facebook page and their Youtube channel.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 29, 2014