Johanna Hoffman - Waterspots

Johanna Hoffman, Founder & Designer at Shiftworks – Waterspots

Date grant awarded: 01/07/2018

Johanna Hoffman, founder and designer at Shiftworks, has created Waterspots — decentralized, public water catchment hubs that harvest fog, rain & dew. Layers of fog catching mesh span a frame of steel pipes. Acting much like the needles of redwood trees, the mesh captures passing fog and transfers it to storage & treatment containers below. Support pipes, which are hollow, catch & store rainwater. They are also cooled with solar power, enabling them to serve as dew catchers during nighttime & dawn hours. Once treated, water is pumped to waist-height water spouts, where users can source fresh water onsite. Waterspots also serve as community gathering spaces. Seating allows people to linger and learn about the Waterspot system and water resilience in general, to chat and enjoy a respite from the day. Working with a team of dedicated designers and fabricators, as well as researchers from UC Santa Cruz and Cal State Monterey, Shiftworks is developing Waterspots to bring water catchment and treatment to the public realm, creating accessible spaces to celebrate the value of water.